Feldspar – Hang Your Head, single review

Feldspar - Hang Your Head

Feldspar - Hang Your Head

Hang Your Head’ is the last of Feldspar’s series of four singles to promote their Compass Tour. The tour lasted over four months with a single being released each month to mark a different compass point – north, south, east and west. The tour took them all over the UK and London and now we’ve reached wintery December, ‘Hang Your Head’ is an apt end to the year.

There’s a smattering of politics here, ‘Hang Your Head’ is not just a rousing, melancholic indie-by-numbers tune, Will’s lyrics highlight the fact we ‘hang our heads’ and don’t look around us at what’s important. This message may be a little depressing at this time of year when we’re all trying to kick back and enjoy the festive season but Feldspar are serious fellows and this single reflects this. It’s a heartfelt track that encapsulates the band’s passion.

Feldspar a little like a gloomy Bastille but there’s nothing wrong with this – Will sings with his heart on his sleeve. Feldspar are elegant indie at its finest.

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