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Website & Structure

Website Development

Whether  you are looking for a simple WordPress Themed website, a dynamic database-driven website that will promote products, services and manage your customer accounts, or to engage the full power of eCommerce, your company website will fall into one of the three following options:

Magento & BigCommerce

Magento and BigCommerce are two e-commerce frameworks that will allow you to sell your products and services online.

Magento allows for more complex or customised development.  While BigCommerce is an off-the-shelf, out-of-the-box e-commerce development framework that delivers professional looking websites, but offers customisation on a smaller scale.

Bespoke Website Development

The large majority of commercial websites are built using MySQL & PHP, complete with a Content Management System (CMS). If your web developers have chosen to build their own systems, rather than use open source development, be sure to ask them if their programming code and development frameworks are industry standards compliant.  Any contract should require that all bespoke programming code must be commented throughout and be made available on request.

WordPress Website Development

If you are looking for a website big on functionality but limited in budget, consider using WordPress.  Over the past few years, it has become the leading framework to create professional-looking websites for less.  But beware, WordPress is a powerful development environment. But if you attempt to over customise or stretch its limitations, it will break. A simple rule – if you want a basic website without much customisation – WordPress could be the solution for you.  But if you need a bespoke website with bells and whistle, don’t attempt to save money by using a free framework.

Unlike other web development agencies, Buzzin Media will help you make the right choice for your company website development, even if we aren’t the ones building it for you.


Site Structure & URL Construct

Many website design & development companies pay little or no attention to best practice, when it comes to the site structure and URL construct of your website.  They generally build a one-size-fits-all style using a framework and modular add-ons. But the site structure can have a big bearing on how SEO and user-friendly your website will be. Equally, left with default settings, the site structure will automatically form URLs (your web page address) in a set way, rather than an SEO and Search engine friendly way.

Buzzin Media continue to work more and more as a digital marketing or SEO consultant with clients who for whatever reason need guidance or trust in someone managing development undertaken by a third party web design or development company. Due to various reasons, over the past few years, this has become a more frequent role that Buzzin Media perform in helping create successful websites that are search engine & SEO driven.