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Buzzin Music Production, Remixing and PerformanceProduction, recording, remixing and live music performance

Over the past 35 years, I have been involved in producing, writing, recording and performing live music.

In November 2016, Buzzin Media set about creating a small home studio setup to compose original music and produce and remix other artists.

The Spare Room studio is built aound the digital software, Ableton Live Suite and a 16 track mixing desk.

In 2017 I returned to writing and performing new material under the name, The Closer We Are To Dying.


Always looking to rework music, rather than simply tweak

Remixing & Recording

Terry Lane continues to record, produce and work with various musicians.  Current and recent projects include Groovy Uncle, The Senior Service, The Love Family and Stuart Turner & the Flat Earth Society. Always looking to rework music, rather than simply tweak a perfectly good recording, he is always interested to hear from young, old, new or well established artists who are happy to pass over their music in a totally uncompromising, open-minded way.

The Love Family –  “Traces [drone mix]” Remix by Terry Lane

Released in March 2017, The Love Family –  “Traces [drone mix]” Remix by Terry Lane released as a standalone single. The remix expanded the length and Husker Du indie rock guitar-led sound of The Love Family to produce a completely differently sound that builds over the course of a behemoth 13 minutes.


Groovy Uncle – “Mrs Saywell [deConstruction dub]” remix by Terry Lane

Groovy Uncle are a popular beat combo who perfectly capture the “Medway Sound”. An often changing band of musicians hand picked by songwriter Glenn Prangnell for various recording projects. “Mrs Saywell” is taken from the new album, “A Clip Round The Ear”. Here is the deConstruction dub remix by Terry Lane, which transports Groovy Uncle from Ranscombe Studio to the Black Ark.


A 4 track ‘Remix EP’ by Stuart Turner & the Flat Earth Society is scheduled for release in 2018.