Website & Structure

Website Development & Site StructureYour competitors are using their websites to increase revenue and success

Whether  you are looking for a WordPress site, a dynamic database-driven website that will promote products, services and manage your customer accounts, or you are looking to create an online shop and use the power of eCommerce …

Buzzin Media has the commercial experience to help, advise and guide you through making your business an online digital success.

Buzzin Media has a proven track record in successful web development coupled with our approach to ‘making the web work for you’ means we deliver:

  • Website Development that wins you more business
  • A strong emphasis on using your company website for generation of sales leads, improved image & a strong return on investment

Buzzin Media has a wealth of experience in all areas of website development and we offer 4 choices:

Magento & BigCommerce

Are you looking to sell your products or services online? Whether you need a fully customised e-commerce website solution or a simple online shop, Buzzin Media will build the website your business needs using Magento or BigCommerce.

Magento allows for more complex or customised development.  While BigCommerce is an off-the-shelf e-commerce development framework that delivers professional looking websites, but offers customisation on a smaller scale.

Bespoke Website Development

Does your website require custom design or development? If so, Buzzin Media will build a database-driven web development using industry standards compliant MySQL & PHP, complete with a Content Management System (CMS).

WordPress Website Development

Looking for a website big on functionality but with a limited budget? Over the past few years, WordPress has become the leading framework to create professional-looking websites for less.  WordPress is a powerful development environment.

We will help you make the right decision for your company website development.

Unlike other web development agencies, the website, database and all associated files we develop is completely owned by you.  With Buzzin Media you do not get tied in to using any in-house systems or long term contract.

Buzzin Media build successful business websites.  We can design and develop a website that will work for you.  Contact Buzzin Media today to discuss how we can work together to make your company an online business success.