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Search & Keyword Ranking

Buzzin Search & Keyword RankingDigital marketing relies on keyword focus and keyword analysis

Google and other search engines rank your website pages in order of how precisely they match a given search term.  Search engine result pages, known as SERPs, rank results according.  Search and keyword ranking focus and analysis is therefore an imperative part of any digital marketing campaign.

Unfortunately, I know of many SEO agencies, and website development companies that allegedly undertake SEO services, who do not spend the time researching or analysing the importance keywords.  This work is so important because it effects every aspect of a digital marketing campaign.

By building out a list of keywords and possible alternatives, I will create a matrix of keywords to focus on.  This work will focus not only on keyword search popularity, but also on the keyword competitiveness.  With this work completed, I can provide you with strong recommendations to suit your budget, as well as your targets.

If I don’t already work with one of your competitors, I would like to hear from you.  Contact Buzzin Media today to discuss how we can work together to make your company an online business success.