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Is Your Website Really Working for You?

It is simple to tell if your website is online or not, but how do you know if your website is really working for you?

Is your website optimised or are there hidden issues lurking in the content or code?

Common issues that go undetected include links and pages returning 404 error codes where a URL has been updated, but the link to that page has not; or Redirect Chains where similarly, a URL is updated more than once but links are hardcoded in the page content and still point to old pages.

All the above will create issues with your website’s performance and page authority, which in turn will have Google, and other search engines, penalising your website.

Domain and page authority, the domain history and the optimisation of your website code and content are all factors in giving your website an overall ranking in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Health Check Your Website

By reviewing your website Buzzin Media will create a basic Health Check Report highlighting the following:

  • Total Pages Crawled
  • Crawl Errors (including any Page 404 errors)
  • Crawl Warnings (including any pages set to not be crawled by search engines)
  • Metadata Issues (including pages with missing Meta Title or Meta Descriptions)
  • Pages with redirect issues
  • Content issues (such as duplicate content, pages with slow load time, missing or invalid page headings)
  • Domain Authority (compared with up to three of your competitors’ websites)

Armed with this report you can review what needs to be done; and if required, we can create a more in-depth report to work together in getting your website working for you and your business.

Buzzin Media Can Help

If you would like to know how healthy your website is right now, contact Buzzin Media and we will send you a Website Health Check Report.